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Trek Passions Members

  • crispydinosaur
  • Ex Machina to 1960’s Trek and everything inbetween
  • I enjoy all things scifi...movies, TV series from 1960’s Trek to Discovery. Reading Ray Bradbury, Michael Crichton. All of it. Ex Machina was amazing. I also love to hunt and forage wild edibles. Seeking a single 1960’s guy as my one and only.
  • 59 years old | Wauwatosa, WI, USA

  • skyeguy
  • hi im a scottish guy into fantasy books and sci fi looking for someone with similar interests to chat to
  • 51 years old | Portree, United Kingdom

  • trekkie29
  • trekkie deaf here love star trek love to talk to someone a bit about them
  • 39 years old | Greeley, CO, USA

  • twiztidklown
  • Hello. My name is Billy. I like to play video and board games. I like to camp and fish. I play golf occasionally. I build my own computers. I like to read and travel. I like to try new things. I love to laugh. Favorite movies are comedies. I am a big softy as well. I was raised to respect woman and cause them no harm. I also work on my own car if it doesn't require tools i can't afford. My style i...
  • 41 years old | Detroit, MI, USA

  • plzjustgivemeau
  • I love horror movies and sci-fi movies and shows. I also like comedy shows like Big Bang Theory, Psych and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I also love to play video games, from retro to current. I am shy but funny and don't like going out to bars, etc. I have two cats, one sister and 4 nephews and nieces. I love my family and enjoy spending time with them, as well as my friends. Favorite shows ...
  • 39 years old | Bolivar, OH, USA

  • starnebula
  • Like Trek (OK, not TOS so much, did like much hated cartoon series). Love for Warp Drive to be possible one day. Tricorders and Transporter, too. Did someone say AI android?
  • 44 years old | Indio, CA, USA

  • naxyr21
  • 31 years old | Oklahoma City, OK, USA

  • guided42
  • My mom still doesn't know who Capt. Kirk and Mr.... ...Spock are. Me, I'm a very young for my age, good looking, moneyed mellow type, but I can DANCE. I can talk for 2....I was a lawyer until $ 'forced' my 'retirement' be a songwriter/My attitude is changing as I used to say 'this is what's right' and was very I'm realizing some things that are wrong are just the way the w...
  • 64 years old | Akron, OH, USA

  • ambasador8969
  • To seek out new life forms...........
  • 45 years old | New York City, NY, USA

  • ericisme
  • Lord of the Rings is my favorite I think, Battlestar Galactica and the Stargate series is too.
  • 29 years old | Green Bay, United States

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