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Trek Passions Members

  • carolinatgal
  • Carolina Trekkie Seeks Local Connections
  • I joined this site because I have always been a fan of sci-fi, especially Star Trek. I grew up watching the original show, then thrilled when The Next Generation came out! I honestly love all the series- including DS9 & Voyager. At one time, I collected the trading cards, the collectible card game, action figures, toys and models. Now that I am older, I no longer have a lot of that stuff, but stil...
  • 47 years old | Lumberton, NC, USA

  • cartoons
  • Love pretty much all Sci Fi!
  • 57 years old | Abanda, AL, USA

  • coachkris
  • Raised on Star Trek,
  • 50 years old | Elkhart, IN, USA

  • drjohn3
  • I LUV both "Star Trek" & "Star Wars" (although, I LUV many of, other "readings" which were, not necessarily a part of a series). Other than I used to, find enjoyment of, the interactions/banter between Spock & Bones, I am not, immediately aware of, any specific favorites.
  • 69 years old | Springfield, MO, USA

  • bigun780
  • 38 years old | Statesville, NC, USA

  • andym1701
  • Engage!
  • Hello my name is andres but you can call me andy. I am a huge fan of both star trek & star wars, but if i would have to pick a favorite star trek would be it TNG or DS9. If you want to talk trek message me !
  • 27 years old | Rio Rico, AZ, USA
  • Online Now

  • feedback
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  • 30 years old | New York, NY, USA

  • swtesbrotj
  • I am a lifelong Star Wars fan looking for like minded people to hang out with.
  • 39 years old | Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • tasunkainyan
  • I'm Lakota from South Dakota. Just Above Average and Just Below Above Average. Not. uncomplicated. undamaged, and semi-dysfunctional. I wish I could say that I'm looking for someone to complete me. but. I'd rather find someone who is a complete person all by them-selves(self).
  • 53 years old | Eagle Butte, SD, USA

  • hughrex
  • Where to start... I'm a big sci-fi fan with Star Trek at the top of the list. However I do enjoy non-sci-fi entertainment... on occasion. I spend a lot of my free time reading - blogs and books (mostly sci-fi). I'm currently reading the "Halo" series of novels and enjoying them very much. I'm about halfway through the series. The blogs I frequent vary from latest gadgets and technolo...
  • 40 years old | Anderson, Virgin Islands, British

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