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  • kookoomay
  • Looking for clean & sober.
  • Looking for clean & sober. Becoming friends will initiate compatability on an intellectual level. We can walk around nowhere in paticular and hang out at each others homes or play castles and swords in the woods. Nothing fancy... I'm a nature girl. I'm open minded and unconditionally loving with practically all people good and bad. I'm understanding and do my best to learn and to teach wi...
  • 43 years old
  • Rural Area, OR, USA
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  • Last Online: It's been a while

  • davemercury
  • I'm Dave. I've lived in Everett all of my life. I have worked in the same place since 1989 and in my current department since 1992. I have been a Doctor Who fan since 1985. Just saw Matt Smith's 1st episode: Great stuff! I enjoy many programs from Britain, such as Red Dwarf, Robin of Sherwood, and Life on Mars. I dabble in Star Trek, but as far as US fantasy goes I really enjoy Buffy, Eureka, and ...
  • 48 years old
  • Everett, WA, USA
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  • Last Online: It's been a while

  • darthmel13
  • LOL...I was just surfing the net and the thought occured to me to look for a dating site made especially for Star Wars fans...I was actually surprised when I found an ALL SCI-FI dating site! (I shouldn't have been surprised *grin*) The fortuitous thing is that I happened across it at a time in my life when I can actually use it. I am looking for someone who will be a total dork with me, but ...
  • 0 years old
  • All of AZ, USA
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  • Last Online: It's been a while