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Trek Passions Members

  • mystier
  • Looking for open minded, fun loving yet reserved intelligent female to spend time with. to get to know and explore all the possibilities that life has to offer.
  • 48 years old | Huntsville, AL, USA

  • starshippioneer
  • Boldly Going....hopefully together.
  • Seeking a companion whose is kind, sincere, respectful but also passionate about anything Trek. As far as my credentials, I've been a longtime member of the TrekBBS and Rebelscum forums, so my love isn't just limited to Trek obviously. I am also a longtime toy and collectibles collector, beginning since the 70's, throughout the 80's until present. Frankly, I think the best period is during t...
  • 48 years old | Newark, CA, USA

  • longshot1986
  • I`m spontanious, diverse and mysterious. I write novels, short stories and screenplays. I have one film made. You`ll find me fluent on topics ranging from sports to anime. I can sit down with Brett Farve and talk playoffs, or Captain Kirk and talk Chekov.
  • 50 years old | All of CO, USA

  • lbartist
  • Original Star Trek! If Spock and Kirk had a baby = ME
  • 49 years old | Long Beach, CA, USA

  • art60irp
  • 58 years old | Portage, IN, USA

  • chris61991
  • 40 yo guy. yes, I love Star Trek. The original, NOT the remake. I love ALL the spinoffs, too. but no alternate timeline remakes from abrams, thank you!
  • 46 years old | Laguna Hills, CA, USA

  • chakotay74656
  • I am open minded, easy going and have a big heat what do you expect from a Klingon lol seriously I try to live my life logically with some Klingon tendencies mabey because I am native american and come form a warrior tribe. I have always loved star trek and all things scifi. I have been a trekkie since I was a baby borg and I am on to find someone to trek out with.
  • 52 years old | Lake Charles, LA, USA

  • jediguy730
  • Looking for Love in Alderaan Places
  • Looking for Love in Alderaan Places I am somewhat geeky and socially awkward, but once people get to know me they find me quite likable. I am a huge Star Wars fan as well as a fan of Sci-fi/Fantasy in general. I enjoy reading, playing video games and going to movies when I can afford it. I also enjoy conventions and dabble in cosplay a bit. I am currently going back to college to study game design...
  • 36 years old | Ambler, PA, USA

  • icezero
  • Hello Found out about the site from Conan O'Brien making fun of it on his show =) I then rushed to the site, I love the idea. It would be great to meet someone that was really into scifi. I love Star Trek TNG and especially DS9. I'm a total junkie for the daily reruns on the Spike Channel. I like SG-1, but I haven't seen more than a couple seasons worth of episodes. I'm determined to catch up ...
  • 0 years old | All of CA, USA

  • bumblybee
  • Socializing with men who have Trek Passions
  • Socializing with men who have Trek Passions I enjoy all science fiction and the philosophy of Star Trek in particular. I would like to find someone who shares my passion.
  • 65 years old | All of AR, USA

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