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Trek Passions Members

  • iqover150
  • 63 years old | Glendale, CA, USA

  • vegastruckr
  • SCI-FI Rocks Love the classic Sci-Fi Movies and T.V. shows along with a few of the new ones. Big Star Trek fan old and new. Space:1999(really loved this show as a kid..wish they would make a new series out of this(but title is already outdated-hey it is 2010 after all and still no base on the moon.) Battlestar Galactica old and new. The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Old Classic Sci-fi movies i l...
  • 52 years old | Las Vegas, NV, USA

  • dragonrider
  • 68 years old | Alger, OH, USA

  • cahokiajohn
  • 63 years old | Aaron, MO, USA

  • myownser
  • i am, easy going i like to evrything good in life , i love my family i love my daughter and i love my grandkids
  • 58 years old | Aaronsburg, PA, USA

  • andym1701
  • Engage!
  • Hello my name is andres but you can call me andy. I am a huge fan of both star trek & star wars, but if i would have to pick a favorite star trek would be it TNG or DS9. If you want to talk trek message me !
  • 27 years old | Rio Rico, AZ, USA

  • ghostkirk
  • State trek fan likes all star trek even enterprise. I like star wars star gate bf batlestaar gallitica. I kinda like vampire. Genre. I am new to it. Like all kinds of music history buff. I like to write sci fi and fantasy fiction. Looking for someone with like interest
  • 38 years old | Newport, ME, USA

  • williamfrierson
  • Big scifi fan here.Like to meet others.
  • 43 years old | All of GA, USA

  • inloveitrust
  • I am loyal, responsible, active, loving, caring, sharing, kindhearted, warm, compassionate, tolerant, laid back type, outgoing, welcoming to people generally. I like to sing(my studio is in the, write poems, listen to music, concerts or at home, swimming, playing Basketball, watching T.V, movies, going to the gym, watching/listening to comedies.rnI am looking for someone who is honest...
  • 50 years old | Marietta, GA, USA

  • wilsonneira
  • hi
  • 18 years old | Barnstable, MA, USA

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