Remaking the Original Trilogy?
I've heard rumors that George has wanted to do this for awhile. And I know you can't believe most of what you hear but it doesn't sound that far fetched considering he keeps going back to those movies and making improvements. He seems to never be satisfied that they are completely done. And though most die hard fans would be against that, I think it's a great idea. The new ones don't really jive with the old ones on many plot points. And the technology seems to get worse as time goes on lol. After seeing revenge of the sith wouldn't you like to see a more dramatic reunion between vader and obi wan? I know I would. And bigger, better light saber duels is always a plus.

Besides it's not as if we wouldn't have our original favorites anymore. They would always be there on VHS for us to love and cherish and go back to. And how could more star wars movies be a bad thing? It can't. I'm not choosy with my star wars. I'll look forward to anything new that is coming our way. (like clone wars...whoo!) Idk, what does everyone else think?

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