An incomplete Star Trek story
I started writing this story a few years ago, but never got around to finishing it, and I'm looking for some help. Would anyone care to look it over? Thanks.


____EPISODE 1____

The scene starts with a Klingon battlefield with a swirling blood-red sky,
and warriors fighting savagely with batlets and knives.
Suddenly, a young starfleet cadet steps in and calmly starts fireing a phaser at Klingons randomly. Then another cadet, a Vulcan, shows up fireing a phaser and using the Vulcan nerve pinch.
More cadets join the fight, five in all. As the battle grows more
intense, the cadets remain calm and detached, joking with one another.

One of the cadets, a girl, is knocked to the ground and looses her weapon. A extra large and tough looking Klingon warrior stands over her with a batlet, poised to attack, pausing to savor the moment.
The first cadet to show up shouts the girl's name just as the Klingon swings his weapon and strikes his target, the helpless disarmed girl cadet.

The Vulcan cadet calmly says:

"Computer, pause program." and all the Klingons, and the swirling sky
freeze, motionless as the holographic program pauses.

"Are you all right, Katt?" Asks the first cadet, helping the girl up,
on to her feet, holding her closely.

"Yeah. It's nothing. Just a scrape. I'll live." She says, brushing herself
off, straightening out her hair, and slightly torn uniform. "Thanks, Jim.

"It is fortunate that we did NOT remove the holographic safety protocols,
as you suggested, Mr. Stern." Noted Suuvic, the Vulcan cadet.
"Cadet O'Mally would surely have died if the safeties were not in place."

"Oh, come on!" Shouted cadet Kathen O'Mally. "Why do you always
have to be the party pooper, Suuvic?! I'm OK."

Then, the largest of the cadets (who is holding a phaser rifle), says:

"Darnit! I was just gettin' into it. Let's start the program again. I wanna' kick some
more Klingon a..."

But his voice is interrupted by a louder, older, commanding one.

"THIS Klingon battle simulation is non-starfleet regulation!"
"WHO is responsible for this?"
The voice belonged to Commander Mu, Their group supervisor,
an oddly mannered blue-skinned native of the Orion system.
The Commander's yellow eyes peer at the cadets, who shift nervously
from one foot to the other, glancing at each other.

Turning to the first of the group, cadet Suuvic, the Commander says:

"Mister Suuvic, I would have expected better from YOU. In the future,
you would benefit from acting more LOGICALY. Congratulations, you have
earned 7 demerits."

"And YOU, Mister Stern! You obviously are the instigator here. When will you learn
Starfleet is no place for loose cannons? You have earned 12 demerits."

"But sir..." Interrupts cadet O'Mally, "Jim was only trying to..."

"Cadet Stern was trying to break Starfleet Regulations, cadet O'Mally,
and YOU are trying to defend him. YOU have earned 15 demerits."

An odd smile came across Jim Stern's face as he turns to speak to the Commander.

"You've earned something as well, Mr. Mu..." Then he speaks to the computer controlling the holodeck.

"Computer! Execute program 111A!" Then, a (holographic) bucket of water appears over the commander's head, and tips, spilling the water all over him. All the cadets gasp in horror, as Commander Mu's blue color turns a dark purple, and he shouts:

NOTHING can save you from..."

But his words were cut short by Jim Stern.

"Computer, pause diagnostic program!" and the soaking wet commander
freezes in mid-sentence.

"A holographic diognostic program running independently of the main program. Fascinating, Mr. stern." Says Suuvic, raising an eyebrow.

"You didn't think I'd do that to the REAL old man Mu, did you? " Said Jim,
with a broad grin. "Although, if the real Mu were here..."

"THE REAL Commander Mu IS here, Mr. Stern!" As the real Commander walks up to the group, staring at the holographic "Mu" in front of him.

"Commander, I..." Jim says, but is cut short by the supervisor's outstretched hand.

"Is this what you do in your spare time, for amusement, Mr. Stern?" Pointing at the frozen hologram. Starfleet Academy is NO place for pranksters, I asure you."

A smile slowly crept across Commander Mu's face as he spoke..

"Because of your mis-use of Starfleet holodeck equipment, I am removing all holodeck access for everyone in this group for the next 3 months."

The looks on the faces of the small band of cadets gave away the pain of that punishment.
That three months would go by very slowly.


Two scientists come to the academy for a lecture on holographics, and ask for volunteers to be models to collect data to be used for holographic programs. In the group of cadets that show up, the five friends meet, and start talking about their feelings on holograms, and computers in general. The discussion gets heated, and when it time for their turns, the discussion spills over into the testing room.

"A 'buncha photons 'ain't EVER 'gonna replace ME, baby." Said Thompson, smiling.
"I'm too handsome."

"Actually, cadet, a hologram can COMPLETELY replace you, down to the sub-atomic particles." One of the scientists said, adjusting a small device mounted on a metal arm.

"Oh, really? Would I ever want to kiss one?" Asked cadet O'mally, jokingly.

The scientist fidgeted, clearly uncomfortable with the question.

"Our new holographic crew will eventually replace real crew members entirely."
Said the other scientist, who looked exactly like the first, standing next to a computer panel, pushing it's smooth surface.
Jim could only stare, dumbfounded, at the man as he spoke. He hadn't ever finished Starfleet Academy, and was already being made obsolete. Life just isn't fair, he thought.

"Surely a holographic crew couldn't perform ALL the functions on board a Starship?"

"See for yourself, Mr. Stern." The man tapped a small badge on his chest, and spoke.

"Prometheus. Seven to beam up." And almost instantly, the 5 cadets, and two scientists were transported on board a new ship, far advanced beyond any they had ever seen.

"Holy crap! That's the fastest beam-up I've ever seen!" Said one of the cadets, aghast.

"All ships functions have been sped-up to accommodate it's holographic crew. Their reaction time is one-tenth that of a human, with no errors."
Flatly stated Dr. Korrax, the senior of the two scientists. With a gleam in his eye, he went on.
"No errors, ever."

"But..." interrupted Kathy. "How could you speed up the ships...."

But her words were cut off by a voice so clear and perfect in tone, it made her jump.

"Welcome aboard the Prometheus. I am Captain 000101."

"oh oh oh one oh one?" Asked katt, puzzled? "Is that binary, for something?"

"Oh, no..." Said (the holographic) Dr. Korrax. " He is simply test hologram number 101, or 000101, if you count the number of spaces on the command console readout. He..."

"Please, Doctor..." Interrupted the real Dr. Korrax. "We don't need to confuse our guests with TOO much

...Yeah, rather amateurish, I know.


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