About Me
I'm looking for
Soulmate, Mr. right, Friends only, Penpal, Romance, Relationship, Dating, Conversation
Does coffee count?
Religious Views
Atheist, Not Religious, but Spiritual, Agnostic
Superhero sidekick, Paranormal believer, Nickelback fan, Actress
Nerd, Introvert, Liberal, Redneck, Romantic, Intellectual, Loner, Geek, Coffeeholic
Political Views
My Sign
Taurus : april 20-may 20, I don't believe in zodiac signs, I was born in may
Fitness & Sports
Swimming, Walking
Hair Style
Long hair, Bun, French braid, Ponytail
Dog, Cats, Small Furry Creature, Horse, Sehlat
Bluegrass, Celtic, Classical, Country, Folk, Motown, Pop, R and B, Rock, Christian Rock, Reggae, Soul, World
Caucasian, Vulcan
Hair Color
Light brown
Eye Color
Sci-fi, Animation, Murder mysteries, Fantasy
Body Type
Average, Pleasantly plump
Single - never married, Single
Socially, I am
Home body, Better in small groups, Loner
I currently live
With parents, With pets
Do you drink?
Do you smoke?
No - will not date a smoker
Education Level
Currently in college
Education / Academic Research, Medical / Health Services
Have Kids
No - maybe with the right person
Hobbies & Interests
Reading, Gardening, Music, Cooking & recipes, Internet, Writing, Cosplay, Horseback riding, Fleamarkets, Fishing, Baking, Puzzles and brain teasers, History, Sewing, Science, Nature
My Matches
Their Gender
Woman, Man, Other
Their Orientation
Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Other
They are seeking
Dating, Friendship
Their Country
United States of America
Their State
Their City
any where
Their height
5′1″ to 8′
Their weight
0 to 279 lbs
Their age
20 to 40 years old
They are looking for
Friends only, Penpal, Travel companion, The yin to my yang, Romance, Relationship, Dating, Conversation, Soulmate, Mr. right, Miss right
Never, Recovering, Does coffee count?, Straight edge
Hard of hearing, HIV-
Religious Views
Christian, Atheist, Catholic, Buddhist, Not Religious, Not Religious, but Spiritual, Agnostic, Pagan, Wiccan, Pantheist, Deist, Voodoo
Piercings, Tattoos, Psychic, Pirate at heart, Stache, Goatee, Beard, Mime, Vampire, Cougar, Cougar lover, Ninja, Werewolf, Magician, Circus clown, Superhero, Superhero sidekick, Artist, Designer, Paranormal believer, Ghost hunter, Clairvoyant, Brony, Pegasister, Rocket scientist, Nickelback fan, Farmer, Freak, Taxidermist, Opera lover, Sculptor, Actor, Actress, Voodoo practitioner
Conservative, Playa
Their Sign
Aries : march 21-april 19, Taurus : april 20-may 20, Gemini : may 21-june 20, Cancer : june 21-july 22, Leo : july 23-aug. 22, Virgo : aug. 23-sept. 22, Libra : sept. 23-oct. 22, Scorpio : oct. 23-nov. 21, Sagittarius : nov. 22-dec. 21, Capricorn : dec. 22-jan. 19, Aquarius : jan. 20-feb. 18, Pisces : feb. 19-march 20, I was born in january, I was born in february, I was born in march, I was born in april, I was born in may, I was born in june, I was born in july, I was born in august, I was born in september, I was born in october, I was born in november, I was born in december
Hair Style
Mullet, Comb over, Rattail
Transgender, Male, Female, Not Sure, Transgender-MTF, Transgender-FTM, Intersex
Military Service
Veteran, Army, Navy, Air force, Marines, Reserves, National guard, Coast guard
Romance, Romantic comedy
Hobbies & Interests
Reading, Dancing, Gardening, Video games, Music, Television, Sports, Computers, Travel, Photography, Cooking & recipes, Wine tasting, Movies, Internet, Writing, Naturism, Hunting, Target practice, Mime, Larp, Cosplay, Manga, Killing zombies, Comic books, Shopping, Horseback riding, Robotics, Pole dancing, Coupon clipping, Fleamarkets, Magic, Fishing, Painting, Baking, Puzzles and brain teasers, Board games, History, Cruises, Sewing, Science, Nature, Taxidermy, Chess, Sculpting, Acting

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