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What Are Your Ideas For A New Star Trek TV Series?
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I'd like to see the timeline advanced from Nemesis -- not so much that any of the previous 24th century actors couldn't be brought in for guest spots, but enough forward that it would reflect how the actors have grown older. Say, 10-30 years after Nemesis. I wouldn't want it to be something ludicrous like 100 years post-Nemesis so the actors would have to wear farcically overblown old age makeup like DeForrest Kelley did in "Farpoint". And I wouldn't want it to be so far post-Nemesis that we couldn't see the old actors pop in at all.

Which isn't to say I want any new Trek to be built on old faces -- like LeVar said, Star Trek is about always moving forward. New ships. New crews. New centuries. I want a new main cast. But I do want to see the old guys in guest spots like we saw Kelley in "Farpoint", Doohan in "Relics", Nimoy in "Unification" and Shatner in "Generations". I'd love to see the new crew getting a mission every now and then from a crotchety old Admiral Janeway, or the new crew conflicting with Section 31 and finding an old, grizzled, gray-bearded Julian Bashir in charge. Or landing on a planet that used to be a Cardassian prison colony and finding an older Tom Riker running the place. Very Happy

So, enough forward to clean the slate for a new crew and new adventures, but not so far that you can't do these little connects with the past now, while we're still lucky to have the actors alive and with us and able to perform. In 20-30 years we might not have them anymore. Make use of them while they're still around. Or at least, place the series so that you *can* make use of them if you ever feel the urge to do so.

Beyond that, I definitely want a ship called Enterprise. I definitely want traveling around the galaxy, and interacting fully with the Federation. I do not want them stationary like DS9 and I do not want them cut off and on their own like VOY. I would want a heavier continuity rather than 99% standalone episodes. I would want an atmosphere that reflects Roddenberry's idealist utopia like TNG rather than a realism-grittier environment like DS9. That's the heart of Trek to me -- Roddenberry's vision; that we are in a utopia more than in a dystopia. I would want the bright red, blue and yellow uniforms kept, they lend the setting joy rather than grittiness.

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April 26, 2006
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Sulu fast forward
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I'd like to see Captain Sulu, in command of the Enterprise-B, warped forward to Next-Gen.
Complete with Next-Gen, politically correct first officer who chafes at the fast and loose way starship captains of Sulu's era do things.

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June 13, 2012
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Loose ends
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Im sure everybody recalls the ending to season one where the transmission was sent out as a last ditch attempt in 'Conspiracy' before Riker and Picard fried the alien host ( cant recall name )

Anyway I used to wonder, this would've been an excellent thing to work of off for a few reasons. It was in season one towards its end. Nothing like a long forgotten element going full circle. Two, the idea was keen. Aliens infiltrating The Federation via hosts? Lots can be done with that idea. And lastly, the outgoing transmission. The episode is concluded with the transmission zoning out into the further void of space.

Hence of course why it would be an excellent vessel to carry a new Trek premise.

Also, throw in a Vulcan, or an Android, or even a Savant ( human equivalent, hasnt been done ), some untrustworthy character whos constantly getting them in jams and a Riker/Kirk hybrid. Bamzoo, thats gold baby!

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