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Literary Posts. Poetry and stories you've written.

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March 28, 2008
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Literary Posts. Poetry and stories you've written.
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I don't know about everyone, but I write. I write for two reasons. One, it helps me to work out my frustrations with the world and secondly, I like telling stories. Most of my work is based in Horror, but there are a few pieces I've done that boarder on fantasy. I think we need a "Writer's Thread" where people who come here, can let others read the things they've done. Since there's no real place as yet as to place such a thread, I thought I'd start it here.

To begin it, I am posting a love poem. Enjoy. For more of my work, check out my website.

Star Fall
By Michael S. (a.k.a. Scryer)

Look… across the night sky,
How graceful she does falls.
She leaves behind a trailing glow
And to my heart she calls.
"Come catch me!
Come catch me if you can!
But be forewarned, you'll travel cross
Many a strange land.
For mine's a long and gentle fall
And will carry me far away.
You'll not reach me in the night,
Nor in the coming day.
But try my friend, to follow me
And meet me where I land.
For should you reach me soon enough,
To you I'll give my hand."
Those words ring true within my ears.
I know the Star speaks well,
I set out to go rescue her,
Or in trying be damned to hell.
Her arch seems long and aims beyond
The world I once knew well.
Yet each and every day I follow
Over mountain, hill and dell.
The more I follow the more I view
The beauty she tries to hide.
Though she believes I'll stop the chase
To her my soul is tied.
Each day her fall grows steeper
And my footing grows more true.
I shall be waiting for her
When her jou
ey is all through.
And when the time arrives,
Perhaps outside a sleepy town.
The star will fall softly in my arms,
And I'll gently lay her down.
So soft and warm she'll seem to be.
Her soul will be touching mine.
No greater love can I feel
My heart does beat with thine.
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March 28, 2008
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PostPosted:     Post subject:
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I'm surprised that no one else has posted something here. I know there has to be more people out there who has a talent for writing. Where are you all?

Beware the beast Man for he is the Devil's pawn.
Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport, or lust, or greed.
Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land.
Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert out of his home and yours.
Shun him. Drive him back into his jungle lair.
For he is the harbinger of death.

The Sacred Scrolls: 29th Scroll, 6th Verse
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April 26, 2006
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Sci-fi romance novels
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Enjoy The Shadowmaster Series of romantic, interstellar adventures, available from

As the saga begins, former Marine Ed Flynn and his crew of fallen angels must race to prevent a high level political assassination; the first shot of an interstellar war...

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March 28, 2008
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PostPosted:     Post subject: A Halloween Tale.
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By Michael Summers

The first time I ever clapped eyes on Connie, I was but a wee lad of four years. My mother had just dropped me off and I wasn't really ready for the new experience of social interaction. In fact, I stood there crying for almost an hour while two teachers tried, with no success, at finding something for me to participate in. I must say, from what I remembered of that time (and who can really remembers that much from that age) I can't really put much blame on their failed attempts. I had been very difficult and no amount of promises of candy or toys that could do everything a child could ever want, was going to change that fact.

It wasn't until a small-framed girl in a bright yellow sundress was dragged into the front hall of the building, screaming, "I don't want to go here! I want to GO HOME!†that I found a kindred soul. Her mother, like my own, had tried to be very compassionate toward her daughter's situation. But like all parents, she finally stood up and looked sternly down at the little girl. With a soft but very authoritative tone, she told the little girl that she was going to stay here and that "Mommy has to go to work". Telling the little girl to be good and kissing her raven colored hair, the mother left with a smile to the teacher.

It was when the teachers were distracted by something another child was doing that I wandered over to the little girl. Not knowing anything about how little boys and girls should act toward each other.... I simply hugged her. We became fast friends from that day on.

We soon found out that our families didn't live all that far from each other and because of that we would be going to the same elementary school. We became very much inseparable. We played with each other everyday, never getting angry at each other for anything. It was as if Connie and I had been twins separated at birth. We had the same interests and one of them was Halloween itself!

Oh how we loved Halloween. Each year, during the month of May, we would begin our traditional jou
ey out to the fields with our parents and plant the seeds that, come September, would provide us with that grand orb of Halloween, the Pumpkin. And as we helped plant the seeds, Connie and I would giggle about what we would be doing for the holiday that was so far away at the time, but ever so close to our hearts.

All through the summer.... we would sit and remember the years that had passed us, and all the great nights of trick or treating. We would sit and actually design our own costumes. In our years between five and seven, we really didn't come up with much of anything different than what was out on the store shelves. But, in our eighth year, we both come up with something so different that it really surprised our parents. We had decided on being Siamese twins. Connie had found a book that showed pictures of people who had been born connected to their brothers or sisters. She said that it looked scary and neat at the same time. I had to agree with her, it did look weird.

And so… with some small help from Connie’s mother, we fashioned ourselves a suit that allowed us to look as if we had been joined at the hips. Keeping with the theme, we each painted our eyes to look slanted and wore sandals and those little round caps that the Chinese wear. Connie put her hair into a long braid much like those of the Chinese and we each wore big round glasses and buckteeth to complete the image. I know that, now days, we would have been taken as bigots by people with no since of humor. But back in the days of our childhood, people weren’t so up tight.

Needless to say, Connie and I had a great time and garnished a great deal of treats. Everyone we saw would laugh when we sang the Disney Song “We Are Siamese, If You Please†and not once did Connie and I have trouble walking. As I have said, it was as if she and I had been born twins all along.

Each year would come and go like this and each year, we would truly enjoy the holiday. Then one year, when I was but ten years old, I had unexpectedly come down with a very bad case of the Mumps. I was unable to attend school or do anything outside the house. Most of the time, I simply slept. But what was the worst thing about it was that it came during the last week of October and I wouldn’t be able to go out with Connie for Tricks & Treats.

The day soon came and Connie had stopped to pay a visit to me.

“Wow… You look all... lumpy!†Her tone was more in awe then of fear. Most kids don’t care because they don’t understand what it’s like until they get something like the Mumps. Connie cared, but not about getting what I had. She felt sorry for me.

“I’ll be ok in a few daysâ€Â, I mumbled as I rubbed the lumps on my throat. “I just hate having to miss Halloween like this. We haven’t missed it together ever!â€Â

“I know. It’s just not going to be the same with out you there beside me, scaring the people who answer the door. I won’t be able to TP houses with out your help, you know.†She smiled. TP’ing houses had been something we’d only recently gotten into. We only did it to those who didn’t have treats and there weren’t many of those anyway. So we didn’t feel to badly about it after the night was done.

“I can stay if you’d likeâ€Â, she said with a sigh. “We can watch the horror movies on Chiller Theater.â€Â

I knew she would stay if I’d said yes. But, I thought, why should both of us suffer on the night we loved the best? Besides, the costume she’d worked so hard to make and wear (a hideous goblin girl, who’s eyes seemed to hang far to low for a normal human’s and body so misshapen that people were sure to wonder how Connie was moving about without getting hurt) was so great that for her to not venture out in it was a crime unto itself, and I told her as much.

“Well, if you say soâ€Â, Connie replied sadly.

“I do. Now go on. Have fun and get as much candy as you can.â€Â

“I will. And when I’m done, I’ll come back and share half of it with you.â€Â

I said that would be great and watched as Connie did her Goblin Girl walk out of my room and down the stairs.

With nothing else to do, I turned on my portable T.V. my dad had bought me and turned it to channel 10. On it was an old black and white film called House On Haunted Hill and starred Vincent Price, my favorite horror actor. But before I knew it, though, I had nodded off to sleep, missing the entire film.

I awoke later to see Connie sitting at my side, and the pillowcase she’d decorated with Halloween images stuffed full of candy lying on my lap.

“Wake up sleepy headâ€Â, Connie smiled at me. “I’ve brought you the bounty of the evening.†I looked at the candy and wondered just how it was that she’d managed to get so much. The pillowcase was a large one and yet, it couldn’t hold all the candy that was now flowing out of it. Reese’s Cups, Candy Apples, Sweet tarts, Tootsie Pops and Rolls, Nutty Buddies … the names went on and on. My eyes took it all in. Popcorn balls, Good N Plenty’s, M&M’s Plain and Peanuts, Candy Corn… and others that I had never even heard about before.

“Holy Crap!â€Â, I said, adding a whistle of amazement. “You really worked the area tonight didn’t you!â€Â

“Well, you could say thatâ€Â, Connie replied, smiling still. There was a look in her eye’s I’d never seen before but I knew what it was when I saw it. That look was happiness at seeing her friend surprised by her gift.

“How many houses did you hit to get this much?â€Â

“Oh… a few. Now don’t keep asking questions. I have to go cause it’s late and I have to hurry up. They’re waiting for me.â€Â

“Ok… but you’ll have to tell me about all of it later.â€Â

“I will… just remember that nothing can keep us from having Halloween together.

I said I could never forget that and then watched her leave down the stairs again. I sat there, the bed full of candy and fruit and popcorn, still so amazed by it all that I didn’t hear the phone ringing down stairs.

A few moments later, my mother came in; a patch of wetness was under her eyes. She stared at the mound of candy I was buried under. There was a shocked look on her face as she asked me where I’d gotten all the treats.

When I told her that Connie had just been here and left it for me, she broke out in tears. “That can’t beâ€Â, my mother said, her voice a mixture of dismay and sobbing. “Michael, Connie was in an hit and run accident two hours ago. She’s… she’s dead.â€Â

I looked down at the candy, my mind filled with what was before me and what had been just told to me. How? How could it be?

Then I realized that Halloween was the time when things unexplainable could happen and Connie had not let something like death stop her from taking that last trip of Trick or Treating. And not only that, she had brought it all to me. The only friend she knew who enjoyed the holiday as much as she did and who was closer to her than anyone else in the world. When she had said, “They’re waiting for me.†I had thought she was talking about her parents. And maybe she was. I don’t know. But I think other wise. It didn’t matter to me. What mattered to me was that she wanted me to remember her and how the holiday would never be spent without each other.

Each year since that day, I’ve put more into the holiday, and each year I still feel her presence near me. That’s why I’ve told this story. I want to keep the memory of our friendship alive as long as I’m a traveler in life on this world. Connie, my dear friend of younger days, I will always remember.


Across the Sands of Time, along the Shores of Life, the Traveler rides on. For he knows his jou
ey ends in lovers meeting.

Beware the beast Man for he is the Devil's pawn.
Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport, or lust, or greed.
Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land.
Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert out of his home and yours.
Shun him. Drive him back into his jungle lair.
For he is the harbinger of death.

The Sacred Scrolls: 29th Scroll, 6th Verse

Visit my website at to see my art, poems, short stories and photos.
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Posted:     Post subject: Here are two I've writen.

There is only you in this and many lifetimes, altogether.
We are destined now and forever, to be together.
You hold my essence of life in the palm of your hand.
And together, our love reaches further than beaches of sand.

We lived, love, and loved life, and died in many lifetimes.
I felt happiness with you, my love ... but now often times,
I miss your kiss, your love, your caring, and your heart,
I miss our embrace, the essence of your soul, my counterpart.

I miss touching, smelling, seeing, and sharing myself with you
And I can almost hear your voice with mine, in harmony, renew
The happiness we felt, in the same words, and in our own tune
I know it was you that allowed me to grow in your love, then bloom.

In this world, we existed as one ... so no one can stand in for you.
I am nothing without you ... for my heart is reserved for only you.
You're always in my mind, my dreams, my world, and in my heart,
Our destiny is to be together, with all my love to you, I impart.

Ecstasy forever
We meet, deeply looking into each other’s eyes; we kiss, long and hard, tongues meeting lips meshing. Body’s touching, hands exploring, touching so many places.
We looking deep into each other’s eyes, I see your life force, coming closer, as you see mine. So many lives we see in each other, so many places.
Hands caressing, touching every forbidden place, lips still one, each breathe a song of its own. Walls falling; the feeling of oneness surrounds us.
Kissing, Kissing, all over, licking and kissing each spot, feeling ourselves become one, our hearts racing as one, our minds becoming one. Our lips meet but on opposite sides, tasting each other, ecstasy is all we feel.
We become one, bodies together, fitting like puzzle pieces, lips locked, hands caressing. The sounds of ecstasy fill the room, and the warmth of each body. Our minds are one, our thoughts are one, and our bodies are one.
As we ------ together, time stands still for and instant and forever, we know we are one, forever more. Our eyes have looked into each other’s souls and seen the stars. We are one!
As we calm, still caressing, still touching, and still kissing. So many things to experience, and so much enjoyment together. The feeling of oneness is something we will never forget, threw all of time. So much ecstasy.

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