Why no gay characters in Trek?
Okay, it used to be we could all be really proud of Trek, since it was the first TV show to feature an interracial kiss, dared to crew the ship with people of color, and even tried to put a woman as second in command (Majel's "Number One" in The Cage, which was sadly cut after poor test screenings) Since then we've had some wonderful progress, with both Sisko, and Janeway being the leads of seperate Trek series.


Why hasn't there EVER been an openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual character in Trek?

If you Google "gay lesbian bisexual Trek" you'll find a site that really runs down the long, sordid histroy of Paramount's cowardice and outright bigotry on this issue.

As Trekkers, I would think there would be wide support for this. After all, you either believe in IDIC, or you're just here to watch pretty effects of space battles.

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