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Trek Passions Members

  • everwonderwhy
  • 41 years old | Cantonment, FL, USA

  • skarnak
  • 48 years old | Orange City, IA, USA

  • captainjmbrittn
  • I have been involved in Star Trek Fandom since the Mid-1980's. You may have seen me at Magnum Opus Con or Dixie Trek or a Few StellarCons. I love Trek but like my Western lifestyle too. Fun loving Hopeless Romantic looking for my Soulmate and Confidant. Think of me as a Cross between the original Captain Kirk and Captain Jean Luc Picard....
  • 57 years old | Middlesex, NC, USA

  • massaman
  • Hi my name is Paul and I am single and have no kids and am looking for a relationship that could lead to something long term and just been looking at your profile and figured I would try to see if there could be a connection and maybe something that could lead to a friendship and maybe something more and it is nice to meet you and I think that you are very beautiful and was just wondering if you w...
  • 49 years old | Sanford, MI, USA

  • ralphwm1
  • tall LI Trekie I love any and all science fiction
  • 63 years old | Long Island, NY, USA

  • myownser
  • i am, easy going i like to evrything good in life , i love my family i love my daughter and i love my grandkids
  • 58 years old | Aaronsburg, PA, USA

  • dasuntbigun
  • I am a white guy that has a passion for Star Trek and many other sci-fi shows and would never pass up some time to spend chilling IRL with someone watching sci-fi. I really love Warhammer 40K lore and love tabletop war games (or to at least try them out). Hell, I actually love all board games and would try them out at least once (and if I like/love them, I'll play them a ton more). On a bit of a ...
  • 29 years old | Bethel Island, CA, USA

  • ditch122
  • Ditch122 I like all the star trek series.
  • 48 years old | Madras, OR, USA

  • toymakerkarl
  • I enjoy attending conventions, but with a like minded woman at my side, it would make my life perfect. I have an Imperial Navy Officer costume as well. I enjoy Tim Burton films, sci-fi stuff, SCA and renfaires, Anime and Manga and Hentai. I do custom leatherwork for renfaire and middle ages garb. I have no children, no pets and I rent a small apartment, and I work as a Crematory Supervisor.
  • 56 years old | Pensacola, FL, USA

  • pariahechelon90
  • Looking for like minded souls to share in everything from Tron to space engineers. Major passion for interstellar space Travel and recently watched an in depth interview with Dr Alcubierre on his proposed theory of actual warp (FTL) travel! I get shivers talking about future technology and concepts, the sort of person who will laugh excitedly when someone in a movie days something awesome or the s...
  • 28 years old | Peterborough, Canada

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