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Noe8472's Blog Stargate Universe. . . Whats with the lighting?
Posted by Noe8472 on 2010-11-03 14:00:54.

Ok so I'm tryn to get in to SGU rite...? But I hate the lighting !!! Its not my TV or anything . . .its just not brite enofffffff ahh. So I get that's the feel and mood thr tryn to give to give but I just doont like. It takes me back to when battle * galactica first (remake) aired on Sci fy . . Darkness everywhr that way I didn't get into it. If your into Stargate (sg1 or atlantis) its all nice and brite. Well if the the reason for dark sets is to set the mood I hope the show goes on, if its because production cost I give it 2 more seasons.. That's my take... One comment

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