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Cellytron's Blog My Blog is Live
Posted by Cellytron on 2013-02-15 21:03:58.

Here's the requisite (for me) "Help this site is laid out really weird I don't know what I'm doing halp" post. Just like I have on Tumblr and twitter, and had on MySpace before they deleted my crap. So yeah. WHOA is this site laid out really weird. I think if I had AdBlock going I wouldn't have so much trouble, but I'm determined to cash out on TopLine, so... all is lost. Anyway, hello! I just got watching TNG. It looks good-ish for the Federation and the Romulans. I'm sure 15 years from the... One comment



Offworldgirl's Blog FREE Sci-Fi Games
Posted by Offworldgirl on 2007-04-10 17:55:23.

I was going to post this in the forums, but when I clicked the "New Topic" button it kicked me out to my account e-mail page, so I guess I'll post it here. Before I go on I should probably disclose the fact that I suck at video games. Always have. Probably a good thing, though, or I'd disappear into a digital haze of alternate realities and never be seen again. Nevertheless, I recently ran across some FREE sci-fi games that I found fun - even if I was quickly blown up. Battlestar Galactica... No comments



Offworldgirl's Blog J.J. Abrams Wired
Posted by Offworldgirl on 2007-03-09 10:35:53.

Wired news reporter Kim Zetter interviews J.J. Abrams, though I have to wonder why Zetter bothered given that Abrams is remaining tight-lipped on the new Trek Film. Basically nothing is revealed in the interview that hasn't been officially announced (or leaked) elsewhere. Yes, we already KNOW it's going to be about the early days of Kirk and Spock (Shatner blabbed that months ago), and we already KNOW Abrams is going to direct it (Paramount officially announced that), yes we already KNOW who the... No comments



Jaynx01's Blog well im new to this site hi everyone what up
Posted by Jaynx01 on 2007-02-27 23:32:09.

hey if your into startrek enterprise say hi No comments



Acheshirecat's Blog Living Logically
Posted by Acheshirecat on 2007-01-20 11:11:25.

One of the things I gained from the original exposure to Star Trek and Tarzan (from the books, not the Tarzan movies) was trying to live logically. If one does a little thinking about what the are doing in life and what they want to do it is not that hard to 'get it right'. Consider a small thing like taking a shower. You get wet to get clean. But, have you thought about the best way to dry off. Water runs down, so drying should start from the top. But, if you have ever dried your hair before drying... 4 comments



Acheshirecat's Blog My First Posting
Posted by Acheshirecat on 2007-01-19 20:19:13.

Hi, I am exploring this site in the hope of finding a mate, who wants to have kids, someone that I share some interests with. I enjoy Star Trek enough to buy all the DVDs. (Except the cartoon version.) I found that when I watched the DVD of each Series, that I had missed a few. I have been revisiting Voyager again most recently. I do have other interests besides Star Trek, I did a search here, an saw someone was an Anne McCaffery reader. She is one of the Authors on my Buy and read list. I have... One comment



Fringey's Blog Feeling frustrated and cynical. Bear with me.
Posted by Fringey on 2006-11-20 02:17:57.

You know, when you are a hopeless romantic, cuddler, passionate, and sci fi geeky person, life can be pretty difficult when it comes to the romance department. I honestly believe there is someone out there for me, but finding that person can be pretty hard. That leads to a lot of frustration, loneliness, and cynicism. I have been dragged through hell in previous relationship. I have also done my share of hurting others. I am no perfect guy and won't even pretend to be. Some of my relationships... 3 comments

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