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Iswallowedabug's Blog Bones vs Lost
Posted by Iswallowedabug on 2007-02-09 16:20:50.

Which did I enjoy more? Stephen Fry's appearance on Bones as a shrink to David Boreanaz's FBI special agent Booth OR the "wookie prisoner" reference on Lost? I admit, it's hard to decide. Both gave me a chuckle. Sadly, the normal winner for fun cameos and SF references, Veronica Mars, was awfully silent this week (either that, or its references were too obscure even for me to catch). Of course, if Stephen Fry is appearing on Bones, is there a chance he might show up on House? Because that would be hysterical. One comment



Iswallowedabug's Blog Random thoughts
Posted by Iswallowedabug on 2006-10-22 16:14:32.

Of late, there seem to be some cross-promotional shout-outs on popular shows.... "Veronic Mars" characters have used "frack" repeatedly this season. Sawyer quoted Rack's line about Willow tasting like strawberries after he kissed Kate on "Lost." What's next? Perhaps the "Gilmore Girls" will eat some fruity oaty bars (well, Rory, maybe, I can't imagine Lorelai chowing down on one), or maybe House could be reading the Hiro comic from "Heroes"...too many fun possibilities.... Of... 10 comments

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